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We are Nathan and Keely Sills of Powell River. We have 12 years of experience cleaning windows from the skyscrapers of Vancouver to single-storey homes. Because of our background in construction management, we execute window cleaning like we would build a stadium: professional, precise, punctual, and planned.  We have the specialized tools and equipment required to complete the job perfectly.

Our prices are transparent and fair so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Powell River Window Cleaning is registered and in good standing with WorkSafeBC.


"My husband and I finished building our house a few months ago up by the music academy and the windows were a disaster. Nate showed up exactly when he said he would with all his tools and finished the job inside and out that very afternoon. Spotless and easy.

We have a transparent deck roof which is difficult to work on to reach the windows above but he did it perfectly and didn't scratch a thing. He obviously knew how to wield those tools and worked like a machine. Wow.

Thank you! It's like living in a different house now, we can't believe the difference!"
Ana Lukyanova
New home owner in Powell River

Window Services & Pricing

RESIDENTIAL: Our pricing is  transparent so you can determine your invoice cost in advance. Calculate window cleaning cost by counting the number of window panes. Calculate gutter cleaning cost simply by measuring the linear feet of gutters you have.

COMMERCIAL: There are many variables with commercial buildings as they can be multi-storey and require rope access. For these reasons, work is based on a quote.

We only accept entire exterior and/or interior window cleaning contracts and do not normally accommodate partial jobs

Skylights are generally $20 for both sides or $10 for one side. If access is very difficult, the price will be adjusted accordingly.

Premium Window Cleaning Package

An additional 30% will be added to prices below 

  • Frames detailed
  • Tracks detailed 
  • Screens removed, washed, re-inserted
  • Glass cleaned

Basic Window Cleaning Package

Prices as shown below

  • Frames detailed
  • Quick wipe of tracks
  • Glass Cleaned


Interior + Exterior

BASIC CLEAN: Spotless Glass, Wipe Frames + Sills

# of PanesPrice
More?Call us.


Exterior Only

BASIC CLEAN: Spotless Glass, Wipe Frames + Sills

# of PanesPrice


Call us.


(Interior & Exterior of the gutters)

Remove all debris + brush-scrub outside with soap

First storey$1.25 / linear foot
Second storey$2.00 / linear foot

Minimum charge $150


(Interior of the gutters)

Remove leaves, moss, gunk, etc. for good drainage

First storey75¢ / linear foot
Second storey$1.50 / linear foot

Minimum charge $150

Roof Cleaning
Siding Cleaning

Two Affiliate Companies. 

Home Detailing Services.

Same Detailed Team.

We clean and de-moss roofs with Softwash Techniques. Softwashing is an alternative to pressure washing. We use biodegradable chemicals with our low pressure commercial grade sprayer. The pressure is equivalent to a garden hose on shower mode so there is no danger of damaging roofs or siding. To see our 5-step roof cleaning process and further details regarding pricing and scheduling, click on:

We Have

The Right Tools

For the Right Job

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have WCB coverage and are insured.

For gutter cleaning, softwash roof/siding cleaning + exterior window cleaning – you do not need to be home. 

If you are unable to be home for interior window cleaning, then lock-up instructions need to be discussed in advance.

Window Cleaning: time allotment depends on the size of the job and ease/difficulty of ladder access. Interior/exterior window cleaning for an average sized home takes between 2 – 4 hours. 

Gutter Cleaning: time allotment depends on the size of the job. Average houses take 2.5 hours.  Larger houses may take 5 hours.

Siding Cleaning: time allotment depends on the size of the job. An average house is approximately 5 hours.

Roof Cleaning: Roof cleaning is an all day job unless it is a small garage. 

No! We only use chemicals that are biodegradeable.

Window Cleaning: If we are only cleaning the window exteriors you will need to remove all the screens that are removable from the inside prior to us arriving. Please remove any planters, lawn furniture, or other obstacles that would interfere with ladder placement. For interior cleaning, please remove all movable furniture and obstacles from the area being cleaned. If you need assistance in doing this, please let us know how we can be of help. 

Gutter Cleaning: Please move any vehicles or trailers that might inhibit access.

Roof Cleaning / Siding Cleaning: Please move patio furniture + planters away from the house. If you need assistance, please let us know in advance and we would be willing to help. 

No, we contain the water and wipe all surfaces immediately. 

Window Cleaning + Gutter Cleaning: We can accommodate any height. We have 40 foot ladders as well as industrial rope access equipment and a 50 ‘ water fed pole. Our gutter vacuum has a 45’ telescopic reach.

Roof Cleaning: We have a Softwash System that has the capability of shooting 45′ horizontally and 30′ vertically. We also have a 24′ extension pole that extends our reach. We have a wide array of ladders enabling us to also spray from added height.

Yes! We are willing to travel to remote locations and will give you a quote for travel costs. 

Business hours are 8:30am – 5:30pm Monday to Friday. Start and end times can be flexible upon request. 

We would appreciate 24 hours notice or more for cancellation or rescheduling.

We accept e-transfer, cash and cheques. Credit cards can be accommodated upon request.

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4631 Willingdon Ave
Powell River, BC, V8A 2N1

The Story Behind the Cleaning Duo

Nate and Keely met serendipitously in 2006 while working for Champion Window Cleaning, a company based out of Vancouver. At the time, Nate Sills already had many years of experience in the window cleaning business having worked in Toronto, Calgary and Victoria. He was known in the industry for his expertise and ability in industrial rope access rigging methods and work at height. This included rope to rope transfers in the air, ascending, descending, creating high-lines, rope rescue, aid climbing, and safety awareness. When they met, Keely was new to the company, but soon thereafter, she was navigating the vertical walls of Vancouver’s complex architectural structures alongside Nate. Given her background as a circus aerialist and contemporary dancer, the physicality of the job and the ease of working at height, came naturally. Within the year, they were married. 

For several years, the duo went on to work for a number of window cleaning companies within Vancouver, specializing in work at height on ropes. Together they took on various industrial rope-access contracts: glazing, rock-fall protection over the Sea to Sky Highway and banner installations on the exterior of buildings.

Nathan Sills

Nate continued along the industrial work at height path, traveling to the UK to repair the blades of wind turbines in the North Sea, working in industrial refineries and plants in Canada and the USA. For the last 9 years he superintended  the planning and erecting of steel structures on a massive scale, followed by installing tensioned fabric roofs over these structures and stadiums in Canada, the USA, the Caribbean and Qatar.

Keely Sills

Keely continued her work in the arts and began dancing on the sides of high-rise buildings, cliffs and in the trees with vertical dance company, Aeriosa. Keely travelled the globe over many years with her aerial circus work, performing silks, hoop, duo trapeze and sway poles. In 2018, Keely started an aerial circus arts program for youth and adults in Powell River where she and Nate reside. She has a passion to teach the circus arts to her community and looks forward to creating many shows in which her students will perform!

So….where does the story for the cleaning duo go next? 

Well, it goes back to our roots. Back to the windows! Back to the sudsy water! Back to working together on the West Coast…a simple life with clean windows!

Why Hire Us?

We have 12 years in the window cleaning business and our pricing structure is fair and transparent. We are hard workers who will work rain or shine. We will complete the work in a fast and efficient manner. If you reside in a remote location, we are willing to travel to clean your windows and gutters.  Powell River Window Cleaning is registered and in good standing with WorkSafeBC. Call us or email to book.