Gutter Cleaning

Safe Removal of Gutter Debris Up to 4 Storeys

Why Take the Risk?

Properly cleaned gutters can help prevent water damage, leaky basements and rotting fascia. Why take a risk? Call Powell River Window Cleaning to safely remove all gutter debris up to four storeys. We have ladders of all sizes plus two high-powered gutter vacuums that can handle all tricky access jobs. We use stand-offs with our ladders to ensure we do not dent your gutters. Rest assured we will clean up all gutter debris and leave your property tidy.



We charge per linear foot.

Cleaning Inside of Gutters Only

1st Storey: $0.75 / linear foot
2nd Storey: $1.50 / linear foot

Cleaning Inside and Outside of Gutters

We can also scrub and brighten the outside of your gutters to remove dirt and algae.

1st Storey: $1.25 / linear foot
2nd Storey: $2.00 / linear foot


After our gutter cleaning